the process

// the process //


step 1: get a sense of my work

Check out my work, get a sense of my pricing, and see if this might be a good fit! Liking my photos and my style is key, so be sure to check out my gallery, for whatever type of session you're looking for. 

step 2: reach out!

Like what you see? Call me, and let's chat! I can give you more information including a full price sheet, answer any questions, and go over the process. If things are sounding good, let's go to step 3!

step 3: let's get coffee

It can be challenging to get a good sense each other, and see if this is a good fit just by talking on the phone. I want to meet you, and I can imagine you might want to meet me too, especially before booking something as precious as a newborn session with your brand new addition! I live in Port Orchard, and can recommend a few places in the area. 

step 4: book the session

If things go well at our meet and greet, and you know you want to book right then, I'll be prepared to make that happen. If you want to think about it a minute, no problem! The booking can happen later too with a simple phone call or email. I will get you all the paperwork needed via a personal online portal, and will collect your session fee. Your session fee along with your signed contract locks your spot on my calendar. 

step 5: pre-consultation

If we book your session at our meet and greet, we can actually dive right into the pre-consultation if you have the time. Otherwise, this can happen over the phone at a later date as well. This doesn't have to take long, but is a time to plan for the session, dive a little deeper into what it is you're looking for, including colors and wardrobe etc, and define better what it is you're wanting to do with your photos.

step 6: the session itself! 

The part we've all been waiting for! The session itself will happen at your home, or in a location previously agreed upon. Session length will vary dependent on the type of session. 

step 7: the editing

The part that you don't see.... I will carefully cull through your photos, and select the absolute best ones. With those, I'll do a full and individual edit to polish them up and give them the attention they deserve. I don't want you to have to imagine anything — you'll see the finished images, ready to go home with you. 

step 8: the reveal and ordering appointment

And this is when it gets really fun! Your photos will be individually processed and shown to you for the first time at your ordering appointment. We provide expert advice to make the selection and ordering process simple and seamless — and in some cases, you'll even walk away with digital files in hand! This appointment generally happens 2 weeks after your session date. Once images have been purchased, your digital images will go online, to a private gallery only accessed by you and whomever you send the password to.


Payments can be made in full or I'm also happy to offer a payment plan — whatever works best for you. Payment plans can start at any point, even as early as the original booking. That way, come time for your ordering appointment, you'll actually have a stash of cash to use come your reveal! If a payment plan is established at your ordering appointment, please note that products (including digital images) are not released until full payment has been made. 

step 9: product pick up

I'll carefully prep your images for print, and place your order. Once I receive the products and do a quality check to make sure everything is just right, I'll reach out and let you know they're ready for pick up. 

And that's it! You'll have beautiful photos of your little one, or your family, with a beautiful heirloom piece to display in your home. This might be an image box or album for the coffee table, or a wall series going up the stairs..... it's completely up to you! With my custom packages, you get what you want, and not what you don't! 

So.... if you haven't already, check out my work! 

Tel: 323-929-2272

Port Orchard, WA 98366

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