// booking //
when’s the best time to book my newborn session?
It is never too early to book your newborn session! We can set up a tentative date based on your due date, and finalize that date as soon as your little one has arrived!

my baby has already been born. can I still book?
YES! Call or email me ASAP. Newborns are my favorite, so I will do my best to get you in. If your baby is still under 2 weeks old, even better. Please note though, that there is a lot of preparation that goes into these sessions, so I don't always like to jump in too fast. I want to be sure we're both on the same page of how this all works before we dive into our session. If baby is already older than 2 weeks, no problem. Older babies don't tend to roll up as easily, and the same poses may not be possible, however we will, no doubt, still get beautiful imagery for you.

when’s the best time to book my maternity session?
Anytime — but know I only offer these sessions as an add on to a newborn session. The best maternity photos are obtained with a full belly, during your third trimester. You can book a session during this time as early as you’d like, provided I have availability. I’d suggest booking at least a month in advance. Also, don’t leave it for the last few weeks, because you just never know when that baby will come! My suggestion would be to have the session between 32 and 35 weeks.

how do I book a session?
Call me! I will pencil you in for a tentative session date. At the same time, we can schedule our pre-consultation to answer any questions you may have, talk colors, and get a feel for what you're looking for. I will send over the contracts and session fee invoice to lock in your spot!

// clothing + props //

what do I wear for our maternity session?
For your maternity session, a variety of clothing can be good. Wear something that you like, that you feel comfortable in. Dresses, lingerie, jeans and bandeaus, tank tops, etc. It can all be fun! Just think SIMPLE. Less pattern, less distraction.

what do I wear for our newborn session?
Simple is always better for portraits. Less pattern means your clothing will be less distracting. Try to coordinate between mom/dad/siblings. No extremes like white and black. Solids tend to be good, or stripes. Again, think SIMPLE.

do you have props for my newborn session, or do I need to provide my own?
I do have a variety of props, hats and bows, backdrops etc. I tend to keep things fairly simple so as not to date my imagery. I want you to love your images in 10 and 20 years, and feel natural posing and props translate better over the years. So, no need for you to bring anything!

should I dress the baby for our newborn session?

No. Shooting in the baby’s birthday suit is the best way to capture what it really is to be a baby! That way, we can see their little bitty features, their adorable little back wrinkles, their chubby arms and legs, and wispy hair. Shooting in the nude also adds an element of timelessness. For some shots, I'll wrap the baby to add texture and variety to your images, and do have some simple outfits as well.


// locations //

where does my newborn session take place?
At your home! I understand that your hands are full with a new baby, and it can sometimes be hard to get out. Shooting in the privacy of your own home means you’ll have anything you might need at your fingertips. You won’t have to worry about forgetting anything. If baby needs to be fed or changed, everything is close by to do that. Then you may ask... Does that mean I need to clean my house?! No! I completely understand why things may be a bit out of sorts, and I can very easily look beyond it! I only ask that we maybe move away any excess “stuff” so that we have a clutter-free area to work with. Also, I may need to rearrange a bit in order to fit my set up where the light is best — moving an arm chair back, or removing a rug. Nothing too crazy!

where does my maternity session take place?
Your maternity session can take place at your home, or on location. It really depends what you're interested in and the time of year! It’s nice to get a couple more intimate shots in the privacy of your own home/bedroom, and also include some in the nursery as well. You’ll have anything you might need close by, including clothing changes and any props we may want to use. If you prefer to do a location shoot, that's fine too, weather depending. 

// prep //

do I need to do anything before our session begins?
I will send you all the information you'll need in order to make the best of our session. Babies model much better after a nice full feeding, so I ask that you feed baby once I arrive, and while I set up. You can undress them before feeding, just in case they fall asleep afterwards. That way, they’ll be ready to shoot without any undressing. Also, please set the thermostat on the warm side so that baby doesn’t get too cold while shooting.

// special situations //


my baby was in the NICU for over 2 weeks, can we still do photos?
Yes! Just contact me ASAP via phone or email so we can work out a date. We’ll want to shoot shortly after baby comes home! Being we don't always know when they'll be home until they're ready to discharge, keep me posted along the way, so I can work you in!

I have TWINS (or TRIPLETS, or MORE)! How does this shoot work, and is there an additional charge for multiples?
The shoot will work mostly the same. It can easily last a bit longer, as we’ll do each baby individually, then together. Feeding and soothing is usually even more critical with multiples, as one can easily set off the other. So, we’ll be sure to get them nice and full of milk before shooting. It will be just $50 for each additional baby.

// ordering //

how do I order prints/products?
Print and product orders are placed in person, at our ordering appointment. If you're not able to make a decision at that time, there will be an additional $100 fee to schedule an additional appointment.

what is your return policy?
Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of each session/product, all sales are final.

what form of payments do you accept?
My preferred method of payment is via personal check, made out to abra klinger photography. I also accept any type of credit card, via Stripe. Due to the nature of my small business, and with efforts to get you the best prices, I do charge a 3% processing fee with every credit card transaction.

how long will it take to get my print/product order?
Prints take about 2 weeks to get to you. Specialty items may take a bit longer. Custom albums may take up to 8 weeks from time of purchase. Print and product orders will not be placed until payment has been made in full.

how much is shipping?

Products can be picked up from my location. If you’d prefer that I ship the items to you, there will be a standard shipping charge of $30.00 for either UPS or FedEx Ground. An additional charge may be added to larger sized or specialty item orders, or for rush shipping.