// sessions types //


newborn solo // $200

Newborn session with single subject (just your little one)


newborn plus // $295

Newborn session including the immediate family (parents & siblings, with focus still primarily on your little one)


newborn + maternity // $445

This includes 2 sessions, one maternity session, and one newborn plus session


family // $245

This is simply a family session, on location


watch me grow // $245

Any session after newborn. These sessions are designed to be about your little one, as they grow.

Typical sessions include 4 months, 8 months (sitter), 12 months (cake smash and/or bubble bath if desired), and

sometime within the 2nd year of baby's life.


my first year // $645

This package is a combo of 3 watch me grow sessions at a discounted price - at roughly 4 months, 8 months, and 12 months. Products for each session are sold separately. 


// when to book //


maternity session

It's best to book maternity sessions sometime in the 2nd trimester. Maternity sessions are best held toward the end of your pregnancy, somewhere within weeks 32-35. This way, you’ll be sure to have a nice full belly to work with, but not be too close to your due date to potentially conflict with our session! Sessions can definitely be held earlier as well, it’s really whatever you want, and are comfortable with! You being comfortable plays a much bigger role than a bigger belly! PLEASE NOTE: Maternity sessions are only booked along with a newborn session.


newborn session

 Even though your exact date can’t always be determined until after the baby is born, it is never too early to book! Most mamas book somewhere in their second trimester, along with a maternity session if desired. I will make note of your due date, and look forward to your communication as soon as baby arrives! I only book a limited number of sessions per month, so this will ensure you get in. 

watch me grow

These sessions can really be booked at any time. A heads up is always appreciated, and booking in advance can also ensure my availability. I'd suggest booking these sessions 1-2 months in advance. The milestones we're trying to capture are: 


+/- 4 months - baby is able to hold their head up

+/- 8 months - baby is able to sit on their own and/or crawl

12 months - baby is able to stand (12 months is a milestone on it's own, so if baby isn't yet standing, no problem!)

Please email me with any inquiries or bookings at When inquiring, please include your full name, expected due date (if you're pregnant!), phone number and location.

// how it works //


I come to you! Shooting in the privacy and comfort of your own home makes for the best photos. You'll have everything you need right at your fingertips, and won't have to worry about forgetting anything!
maternity session

It’s best to shoot in the last 2 months of pregnancy (somewheres in weeks 32-35). We can do this session in a number of different locations - your home, a park, etc. We can have more intimate shots indoor, and can include baby’s room, etc., or, can explore the outdoors as well. 
newborn session

I prefer to shoot around day 7, after you’re a bit rested from the hospital experience, and your little addition is still sleepy enough to mold into the most adorable positions! Babies tend to get a little more colicky at 1.5-2 weeks, and also show more baby acne at this point as well.
We'll make sure your little one is ready to feed, and the house is nice and warm when I show up. Then, I'll spend roughly 2-4 hours with you and your little one, shooting primarily your baby in different poses and positions. This will allow time for soothing and additional feedings as well. Please keep in mind, we may get off baby’s normal routine during the session, and baby may eat more than normal, but this will help get you photos similar to those seen on my site, and won’t cause any problems down the road!

watch me grow

I'll typically come to you for these sessions as well. I can do a studio like set up at your home, or we can meet on location for an outdoor session. For cake smash and bubble bath, I will generally set up a floor drop and backdrop indoors, and let your little one go to town.



// the photos //


I’ll get everything from fingers to toes, full body to close ups! For a newborn session, you have the option to do a session for baby only, or a full session including parents and siblings as well. Please keep in mind though, this is a photo session for your newborn, and not a time to invite the whole extended family!

I also ask that if we're doing a newborn plus session with older siblings, that they either come at the start or end of the session, and not stay throughout. This helps keep a calm and quiet environment, more conducive to keeping your newborn soundly asleep.