9 tips to manager eager family/friends with a new baby

June 23, 2017

 Everyone wants to visit a new baby. Your new baby. You're exhausted, sore and--did I already say exhausted? Sleep deprivation does that. All you want to do is burrow down in a cozy nest and focus only on baby and sleep. Yet well-meaning friends and family keep on coming... and coming... and coming. Here's how you can control traffic at Baby Central.



If your baby hasn't come home yet, gently let everyone know when you'll be available, such as posting on social media, "While we adjust to the new baby, please give us a few days to get settled" so you have a buffer. Perhaps have a conversation with your over-eager mother-in-law and mother, who will likely think that statement doesn't apply to them. It's a grandma thing. 



As you nap, feel free to post a sign on your entrance door stating that the baby and mom are sleeping. Turn off your phone's ringer as well.



Post a few newborn photos and videos to your social media pages to give everyone a glimpse of the little darling. Share a few details. That should hold them off for a while.



Do let everyone know when you've recovered enough to receive visitors. It's not like your baby will suddenly turn 10 in the few days it takes to catch up on some sleep and establish nursing.  



If visitors show up unannounced and you'd rather snooze, thank them deeply and simply excuse yourself to go sleep as they visit with the rest of your family. Close friends and family may be willing to pitch in and clean up something. In fact, you have a free pass to ask for some help. 



Don't even try to play hostess. You just had a human being exit your body, a very demanding little human being whose needs are as taxing as working two full-time jobs. Give yourself a break. 



No one should expect an immaculate house or homemade anything, so do what you feel up to and forget the rest. As long as you're meeting the basic needs of your baby and family, don't worry about anything else.



Don't listen to wacky baby advice. Your aunt may be a self-proclaimed baby expert, but you're the expert on your baby. You can always ask your pediatrician about any concerns.



Once visitors have stayed long enough, excuse yourself and baby to go sleep and the visitors will likely take the hint.  



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