7 educational gift ideas for a 1 year old

September 29, 2017

If you didn't read the last blog post, you should go read that one first, and come back. That one gives the background, and talks about "outside the box" gift ideas to bring to a 1 year old's birthday party. And to be frank — I'm really digging that list, because really?! This party is for the parents, not the kid! Come on now! 


So, this is a continuation of that post, and indulges more into the last option: EDUCATIONAL TOYS. So, if those "outside the box" ideas didn't do it for you, and you'd still prefer to get something for the kid (I promise, they really won't know the difference!), or maybe you want to do a combo gift, here are some ideas that may actually be used and loved, and add some brain cells to that developing brain! 




If you're going to go the toy route, it's nice to find educational toys for infants and toddlers, rather than something that will just have them veg out. Have their toy time either be intellectual and fun, or be something active that can burn off some energy. 


From my poll group, I had some interesting ideas come up. Some of these toys you probably wouldn't expect! These were some of the top toys that moms said their little ones loved: 




You can never go wrong with books, and I've heard oh so often that there's no such thing as "too many books!" Here is a list of great books for 1 year olds, that you can download to PDF if you so choose! And, because this is such a popular option, be sure to get a gift receipt, just in case they happen to already have that same book! 



This could be baby's first magazine subscription! Full of colorful pictures, puzzles, rhymes, you name it. Cricket Media does a great job at continuity from one issue to the next, without being too repetitive. You can order this, or find reviews on Amazon



A shape sorter is great for hand eye coordination, spacial awareness and motor skills to name just a few. And, the wooden aspect helps with longevity! Find yours here!



This plays along the lines the shape sorter above, and has the added touch of being made with the child's name! You can purchase this gift on Amazon here



Musical toys such as Baby Grand Piano by FisherPrice or an Xylophone type toy can improve cognitive and developmental skills which lead to better academic performance. Yes — benefits that will show up later in life. So, pair this with a set of earplugs and let those little ones go to town!



A likely unexpected, but loved toy all around. The Rody Horse is basically an inflatable horse that kids can sit on and bounce around, encouraging active play and imagination. Here's a great review of the Rody Horse by The Spruce.  



The LeapFrog My Pal dog comes in 2 variations, Violet for the girls and Scout for the boys. They are great little stuffed animals that encourage kids to interact with them by asking them questions, etc. The Spruce has another great review of this product as well. 



Let me know below if you have other favorite educational toy ideas for one year olds! I'd love to hear some of your kids' favorite toys! And, check out the next blog for a note about CARDS! Do you write a card to the 1 year old?! To the parents?! Stay tuned next week to see what moms had to say about this!  


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