last minute halloween costume ideas

October 20, 2017


Need last minute Halloween costume ideas? Don't rush out to the store to browse picked-over displays of child's costumes. Try any of these kids' costumes that you can whip up in a jiffy from items you likely have already and a few basic craft supplies.



Dress your child in a black, long sleeved t-shirt and tights or leggings, and place black knit mittens, socks or gloves on your child's hands. If you want to fancy it up a bit, add a black tutu. Fill a black sock or stocking with fiberfill or other socks to form a tail and pin it to the back of the pants or tutu. Or, get a black boa and wrap it around some thin wire, to give it some shape. Color the end of the nose with an eyebrow pencil. Draw whiskers on the cheeks. Cut out triangle-shaped ears from black construction paper and make a horizontal fold about half an inch from the base of the ears. Attach to a headband with a stapler (cloth headband) or hot glue (plastic headband). If you're using a boa for the tail, you can cut off a bit and add some to the ears as well. Kitty's ready to prowl!



Again, go all black. Tie a black scarf around the head above the eyes and another just below the eyes (or use a black balaclava). You could also go ninja turtle style with the band around the eyes with cut outs to see through. Tie a narrow, solid color scarf around the waist for a belt. Cut out a throwing star or sword from cardboard. Cover in aluminum foil (except for the sword's handle). Tuck the sword through the belt. Hi-yah!



Another all black start, but this time you'll want to make sure the black top is a hoody so as to be as dark as possible. Then, all you'll need beyond that are a pack of glow sticks or some LED rope lights. Simply tape the glow sticks or LED rope to the black outfit with clear packaging tape, so that the light can shine through. There are numerous videos about how to do this online, but it's really that simple! Then watch your little one run! 



Dress your child in a white, button-down shirt and black pants. Top it with a full apron, or if a real little, wrap a kitchen towel or the like around their waste. Fashion a chef hat from paper (unless you happen to have one). Here's one of many online tutorials: Have your child carry a mixing spoon, whisk or other implement. Older children may want to carry a stock pot to hold their candy. Bon appetite.



Break out the jeans, plaid flannel shirt, suspenders, hiking boots, a knit cap and work gloves. Cut out an axe from cardboard and cover the axe head with foil. For lumberjacks, draw on beard stubble with an eye pencil, or cut a fuzzy beard out from felt. Timber! 



Pop on your child a striped shirt, coordinating solid colored pants, suspenders and white knit gloves. A beret and small neckerchief enhance the costume. If you don't happen to have white stage make-up, apply a white mud mask to the face, carefully avoiding the eye area. Complete the look with lipstick, eyeliner and brow liner. 



In addition to a trench coat over a dressy outfit, all you'll need is a toy microphone with the local news station's logo taped on the base. Just print it from their website. 

Consider your employment. Younger children especially like pretending to be mom or dad and using your work tools (or safer, less expensive toy replicas, as needed).


Can't wait to see all the little kiddos all dressed up! Happy Halloween!! 



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